The Frisian Society for History and Culture

Portrait Hylck van Eysinga Portrait Frans van Eysinga Photo Frisian silverware.

The Frisian Society for History and Culture was founded in 1827. Our aim is to enhance the interest in the history and culture of Friesland and to support research in that field.
Among other activities we publish two periodicals: De Vrije Fries, a yearbook, and Fryslân, a quarterly. Furthermore, we are the proud (formal) owners of a large part of the collection of the Frisian Museum, founded by us in 1881. A slight impression of the richness of this collection is given by the photographs on this page. The paintings by Wybrand de Geest and the Frisian silverware in our collection are highly esteemed by art historians.

At the moment there is only a limited amount of information in English on our website.

We intend to provide more English pages in the nearby future. So please visit us again, or follow the links below.

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